Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Video increases your SEO and has more advertising impact

Beth, owner of Textura Hair Salon in Vancouver BC Canada, hired Abstract I Media to produce a professional web video to profile herself as a stylist and use it to increase referrals through social media. The video is used as an online business card that her clients share in their own social media circles.

Using video for promotional purposes on the web is great for more than just getting word out. Video is the most rapidly growing segment of the internet, and at the current pace video will soon eclipse all typewritten content online. Which means if you have video content on your site you will rank higher in search engines.

Having a video as an online promotional tool also helps you to bridge the gap between the impersonal web and a personal service such as getting your haircut. Beth is able to connect with potential clients on a more personal level, through video they have a better sense of who she is and what kind of level of service they can expect when they go to see her. Abstract I Media did a great job in portraying her as a person, showing that she has a sense of humor, and not just creating an advertisement. People's attention span for online content is on average less than 6 seconds. However people are more likely to watch something through if it's less like an advertisement and more like reality. Online marketing is about being human and building connections and relationships and I think this is a great example of that.

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