Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hair Stylist Business Plan and Social Networking

When you are writing your hair stylist business plan, you need to think about your marketing efforts. You need to find a way to bring in new clients and maintain a relationship with your current clients. And you need to do this all on a budget. One of the best ways you can market is to use social networking. Write in your hair stylist business plan how you will use sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you can post your thoughts in 140 characters or less. It may be known as the place where you talk about your lunch or your cat, but savvy businesses know it is also a great site for connecting with clients. You are able to use this social network to build relationships with people in your area. It is important to not use this for spamming, however.

Facebook is as big as Google, so if you don't have a Facebook fan page you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic. You can use Facebook to post information about your services, share photos, and hold promotions. Like with Twitter, you want to make sure that you are connecting with your possible clients instead of just advertising to them.

Blogging is another way you can use social networking to market yourself and your business. This one does take more effort than Twitter or Facebook, but many hairstylists find that it is worth the effort. By having your own platform you will be able to upload photos and videos. You'll also be able to share your knowledge which will help clients get to know you and trust you. Once you become known from your blogging, clients will seek you out as a hairstylist expert.

If you are just now writing your hair stylist business plan, you might wonder if it is too soon to be thinking about social networking. But it is never too early to be planning your marketing efforts. Start getting involved with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. If you are unsure about how to best use these sites to get referrals, check out the The Hairstylist's Guide to Social Networking downloadable guide for more in-depth tips. 

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