Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Limited search results for stylists

I have gone to google more than a few times and searched for all forms of keywords to try and dig up any information posted for hairstylist's on how to market and maintain clients through social networking. The search results have repeated been the same. It is either a dead end link to sites that are only there as a dead page or there are a few sites that offer to sell you the greatest marketing packages for salons and spas but fail to tell you what kind of marketing they are selling you for hundreds of dollars. And there are alot of search results with outdated information that we all know about already.
I can tell you that "A Hairstylist's Guide to Social Networking" is exactly what I could not find in the search results before releasing the book. This book will tell you exactly what social networking sites are useful and how to use them most effectively as well as little tips and tricks specifically for hairstylist's and their clientele base. It is geared directly towards helping you attract new clients as well as keep the ones you've already established and use social networking to increase your word of mouth advertising, which as we all know is our bread and butter as a stylist.
I urge you to grab a copy and learn what you need to know to do your own marketing and strengthen your business and reputation as a stylist. With this book there is no confusion with all the sites that are available to weed through. I will tell you the ones most effective to our industry.

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  1. Nice blog and that too by Girl ..awesum work :)