Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Facebook for your salon

An article from gives a good point

"One benefit Facebook offers for businesses is it lets the customers and potential clients know your company on a personal level. Clients come to you for a relationship. They assume you know how to take care of their needs. Being accessible on social media sites helps your clients and customers feel connected to your salon.
A Facebook page can also help bring people to your Web site. Customers will look for your presence on the Internet, and a Facebook profile is just another way they can find you, leading them to your Web site to find out more information and possibly contact you.
Facebook can be a tremendous networking tool. Business pages on Facebook can elevate your Web site status through search engine optimization. In addition, if you have a Facebook business page link on the opening page of your Web site, potential clients can feel that they know you and your salon before coming in for their new customer experience. Several companies have gained new clients simply because of their Facebook page."

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  1. Fanpage helped alot in attracting large customers