Monday, March 7, 2011

Social Media is word of mouth!

I came across a post by @mafiahairdresser on the Local Tourist website. Mafia Hairdresser talks about meeting Tabatha Coffey at a book signing for her new book cleverly titled "It's not about the hair". Tabatha Coffey for anyone who is not familiar is one of the most recognized hairdressers in the world. She gained international fame when she competed on "Shear Genius" and now she has her own Bravo reality show called "Tabatha's Salon takeover". She has also written a book ("It's not about the Hair"), where she talks about her secrets to becoming such a successful hair stylist. What's her secret? It's word of mouth, simple. People pass along her name to their friends and family for many different reasons, and her client base and now audience grow with every new person.