Monday, March 7, 2011

Social Media is word of mouth!

I came across a post by @mafiahairdresser on the Local Tourist website. Mafia Hairdresser talks about meeting Tabatha Coffey at a book signing for her new book cleverly titled "It's not about the hair". Tabatha Coffey for anyone who is not familiar is one of the most recognized hairdressers in the world. She gained international fame when she competed on "Shear Genius" and now she has her own Bravo reality show called "Tabatha's Salon takeover". She has also written a book ("It's not about the Hair"), where she talks about her secrets to becoming such a successful hair stylist. What's her secret? It's word of mouth, simple. People pass along her name to their friends and family for many different reasons, and her client base and now audience grow with every new person.

This brings up good points about social media in the hair industry. The Mafia Hairdresser says it well,

" Word of mouth is the key to success for every stylist, manicurist, facialist, massage therapist and all spa and beauty salons.  I’m a hairdresser and I will constantly need new clients because people move away, and some have economized on spending.  I’ve even known a few to try another salon because his or her girlfriend or daughter had been nagging them to go to their own stylist.  From experience, most new clients that turn into long-term clients come from referrals.  Like most businesses, existing clients are the best advertisers for new business.  But what most salons and salon technicians don’t realize is that, to continue being successful and keep attaining new business, they will have to embrace the fact that word of mouth encompasses Social Media.

            There are a few of us salons in Chicago that understand that Social Media is just another way for new clients to reach them.  I work at Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa, and we are one of the top rated in our industry and our clients talk about us which nets us new clients.  Every good salon knows that their future clients use Yelp and City Search to find them so we all make sure our services and staffs are excellent.  But we must begin to utilize Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, to name a few, to make sure that we stay in connection with our existing clientele as well as reach the attention of prospective clients.  For Social Media is just a dialogue.  If businesses and technicians see Social Media the way we do, they would see that it is just an extension of what happens in the salon.  We talk to our clients on different topics such as health, hair and family.  We inform them of exciting new products.  And we show them or tell them how to do their hair or apply their make-up or how to relax. 
            Salon owners need to learn that they have to have a website that houses information about their business and represents their salon in tone via wording and graphics.  They can also have a Facebook Fan Page which their clients can LIKE which is actually just a continuation of the dialogue which happens in the salon. City Events that the salon is involved with can be posted weekly along with new products and links to organizations that their clients might be interested in.  And now salons use Twitter to keep the dialogue going with personal and professional Tweets, such as “I just met Tabatha Coffey and she signed her new book for me!” or “We have spaces available for massage and facials today,” and “Come try out our new No-Ammonia hair color line.”  With Twitter and Facebook, the clients and prospective clients can talk back and inquire.  You Tube has become a new way to post how-to’s which clients can watch to show them how to blow dry their hair or see their stylists in action at fashion shows.
            To become stellar in the salon industry, social media must now to be considered word of mouth.  If word of mouth can catapult a hairdresser to the Oscars, it can certainly propel our own business to greater success.
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Keep the dialogue going."

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