Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't forget about online forums

I remember when the internet first came to life and the greatest thing about it was the chat room. There you could go and talk to people all over in different parts of the world. Then the rest of the internet was introduced and chat rooms became a place for creepy people and dateline NBC...

Chat rooms are now in the ways of forums or discussion boards and work as a group discussion that is logged in the discussion board and can be viewed or added to at any time. As a stylist with questions one of the greatest forums if you don't already know it is the bulletin board at This is a great place to look for answers to questions that you may have about the salon and spa industry. There are 27 different categories on their board that have discussions on everything from jobs to education. You can search past posts to see if there has been questions similar to yours that have been answered or you can post your own questions or request advice and wait to see the responses you get from fellow industry members.

These forums are an under rated source of information for what is going on in the industry. Get more involved with you hair community and join discussions!

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  1. even more of the forums on Orkut is also getting popular